ANNA WLODARCZYK – master of law, patent attorney, European patent
attorney, European trademark and industrial design attorney.

Graduated from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University of Lublin, Poland.
She obtained her master’s degree in law in 1999 after having written
the master’s thesis on “Evolution of Human Rights in Europe After
the Second World War.” During her university years she closely
cooperated with firms representing various industries, which was an
excellent opportunity to combine theoretical legal knowledge
acquired in her university studies with every-day corporate
practices. After graduation she worked for non-governmental
organizations gaining in-depth experience in organization and
management of numerous training projects, which resulted in her
promotion to the post of Managing Director of Polish Patent
Attorneys Chamber in Warsaw.

As a Managing Director of The Chamber
of Polish Patent Attorneys, Anna Wlodarczyk established close
cooperation with Polish Patent Office and European Patent Office in
Munich as well as Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade
Marks and Designs) in Alicante, Spain. She organized a great number
of training conferences both national and international. Cooperating
intensively with Polish Patent Office she participated in
introduction of reformed local government administration structures
being implemented by force of new Polish Patent Law in 2001. At that
time new headquarters of Polish Patent Attorneys Chamber was built.

While pursuing her professional career, Anna Wlodarczyk consistently
acquired new qualifications and skills in the field of industrial
property protection, which she made the specialization of her
Post-Graduate studies at Jagiellonian University of Cracow at the
renowned Intellectual Property Rights Institute. She attended a
number of training courses in valuation of intangible and legal
property as well as European Union industrial property law.
Furthermore, she completed a course in computerized management of
confidential information at Academy of Economics in Cracow, Poland.

Anna Wlodarczyk continuously improves her command of English
language, fluency in which she achieved at John Hazell’s School of
English in Hastings, England.