Associated with the office since 2005. Ph.D., Associate Professor at Department of Administrative Law of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), patent attorney. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of KUL. During studies, he improved his knowledge of English which resulted in certificates certifying the knowledge of this language – First Certificate in English (FCE) and Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). Proficiency in English allows him to orientate well in the field of English-language literature in respect to intellectual property law. He obtained his master’s degree in law in 2004 after having written the master’s thesis on „Trade marks in case law of European Court of Justice”. The subject work was analytical – it was a study of the most important issues settled by the Court in the field of trade mark law until May 2004. During his studies he took student internships, thanks to which he participated in preparing and conducting negotiations with clients in the corporate and banking sector. Hence his interest in contract law and the practical aspects of contracting. Already at that time he was particularly passionate about trade in industrial property rights, in particular the issue of licenses. He obtained the degree of doctor of law based on the public defence of the dissertation entitled „The influence of distinctive character on the legal protection of a trade mark”. Author of many scientific and journalistic publications as well as participant of national and international scientific conferences. Establishes contacts with foreign research centres in which he conducted classes for students in English (Budapest, Košice). He also actively participates in organizational work for KUL (since 2017 is the Chairman of the Appeal Disciplinary Commission for Students and PhD Students). In his current didactic and scientific activity, he focuses on the issues of public economic law, intellectual property law, as well as the administrative procedure. Ph.D. Krzysztof Dobiezynski during his practise conducts cases both before the Polish Patent Office, as well before the European Union Intellectual Property Office. In addition, he effectively performs procedures for obtaining and maintaining intellectual property protection through International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva). He also conducts the affairs of Polish clients by contacting foreign law offices around the world. He is an experienced negotiator.