We assist our clients in making decisions as to the
choice of forms of legal protection of advanced
technology media and instruments they use.

We inform
our clients about potential risks to their industrial
property assets resulting from the development and
implementation of new technologies and we advise how to
eliminate or minimize the threats.

We provide legal
service of projects concerning inventiveness,
improvement and innovation including preparation of
contracts of shared Research and Development projects,
research assistance contracts or research investment

We develop proposals of provisions related
to industrial property law, which should be observed in
workplace situations. We develop statutes for innovative
and streamlining projects

With regard to new
technologies our clients have so far expected of us the
following activities as for instance:

  • providing expertise in trade mark rights
    infringement cases on the Internet,
  • evaluation of degree of innovation in particular
    technological or esthetic projects,
  • preparation of standard provisions to be amended
    in employment contracts between our clients and IT
    department employees.