Copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators or other owners have over their „works” within the meaning of IP Law.

As said European Court of Justice in one of its decisions, two cumulative conditions must be satisfied for subject matter to be classified as a „work”.

  • First, the subject matter concerned must be original in the sense that it is the author’s own intellectual creation.
  • Secondly, only something which is the expression of the author’s own intellectual creation may be classified as a „work”.

However, copyright protection may be granted to expressions, but not to ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts as such. For there to be a „work”, the subject matter protected by copyright must be expressed in a manner which makes it identifiable with sufficient precision and objectivity, even though that expression is not necessarily in permanent form.

In Polish law a creator’s „work” is protected not only by economic rights but as well by moral rights.

Our ambition is to provide legal assistance in various cases (in industrial property rights) to various representatives of the creative sector. We invite individual authors, artists, publishers, mass media, designers, advertising agencies, architects, game producers, programmers, organizers of festivals and events as well all other members of the creative community.

In our practice, we not only deal with the protection of copyright, but also help in matters related to related rights and the protection of databases.

Copyright Law mainly aims to balance the interests of those who create content, with the public interest in having the widest possible access to that content. In the digital era it leads to many conflicts, injustices and difficulties. We keep track of the ongoing changes and developments of the law and court decisions regarding the protection of intellectual property rights on the content market, which is radically changing in the platform economy. We provide legal services appropriate to the changes taking place.