guide our clients on how to protect their industrial

We act on their behalf in all legal and
other proceedings in order to secure an appropriate
protection of their industrial property.

We make all
efforts to guard them from the loss of their industrial
property through unintentional failure to undertake
appropriate legal steps and, therefore, failure to
comply with legal regulations in the matter.

thoroughly examine if our client’s industrial property
conforms to the conditions to be legally protected.

Within obtaining the industrial property rights, our
clients have so far expected from us operations such as:

  • filing registrations of trade marks, inventions,
    utility designs, industrial designs, and other
    industrial property items in Poland and worldwide,
  • assistance in the choice of appropriate trade
    mark or other identity symbol of a product or a
  • defense of trademarks and other industrial
    property assets under registration process against
    charges of Patent Offices in Poland and abroad
    concerning their protection ability,
  • examination whether the industrial property
    rights of our clients are not in conflict with
    earlier reservations of industrial property rights
    of third parties,
  • monitoring and prosecuting payments of official
    fees concerning industrial property protection.