We guide our clients on how to protect their industrial property. We act on their behalf in all legal and other proceedings in order to secure an appropriate protection of their industrial property. We make all efforts to guard them from the loss of their industrial property through unintentional failure to undertake appropriate legal steps and, therefore, failure to comply with legal regulations in the matter. We thoroughly examine if our client’s industrial property conforms to the conditions to be legally protected.

Within obtaining the industrial property rights, our clients have so far expected from us operations such as:

    • filing registrations of trade marks, inventions, utility designs, industrial designs, and other industrial property items in Poland and worldwide,
    • assistance in the choice of appropriate trade mark or other identity symbol of a product or a producer,
    • defense of trademarks and other industrial property assets under registration process against charges of Patent Offices in Poland and abroad concerning their protection ability,
    • examination whether the industrial property rights of our clients are not in conflict with earlier reservations of industrial property rights of third parties,
    • monitoring and prosecuting payments of official fees concerning industrial property protection.


We assist our clients in all legal proceeding aiming at protection of brand owner against pirating and counterfeiting their goods, symbols, logos, and trademarks. We support our clients in actions towards enhancing protection of their industrial property. We advise them how to exploit their industrial property not to let it to degenerate. In addition, we strive for execution and constant improvement of industrial property rights by participating in various campaigns to popularize them and increase awareness of the industrial property rights among authorities.

Within the framework of industrial property rights enforcement, our clients have expected from us activities such as, for instance:

    • preparation, institution of legal proceedings and solicitation in on validation cases concerning third parties’rights to trade marks, inventions, designs, and other rights infringing the rights of our clients,
    • filing observations and oppositions against competitive applications and registrations being in clash with our clients’ rights,
    • protection of industrial property rights against objections from third parties,
    • court actions in industrial property rights infringement cases,
    • development of statutes concerning lawful use of trade marks and logos by our clients in order to eliminate transformation of trade marks and logos into generic names.

We advise on all matters related to disposition of industrial property rights – their conveyance, alienation and purchase, cession, disposal and lien. We conduct due diligence with reference to industrial property and related rights. We construct and negotiate licensing and franchising contracts and file them in appropriate registers.

With regard to trade in industrial and rights, our clients have expected of us, for instance, the following activities:

    • preparation of sale contracts concerning trade marks and other industrial property rights, including or excluding the purchase of a company, as well as license contracts concerning all types of industrial property,
    • registration of industrial property rights conveyance contracts and license contracts in Patent Offices,
    • status evaluation of industrial property assets offered for sale,
    • conducting negotiations between parties with regard to industrial property rights purchase.

We assist our clients in administration of their industrial property assets. At a client’s request
we evaluate condition and status of the assets. We organize and put them in order, we determine the principles of cost-effectiveness and help to implement them. We perform the Internet search of instances of infringement on our clients’ rights and keep a close watch to detect other potential threats
to clients’ industrial property rights. We conduct watching-monitoring and inspection of trademarks.

With regard to management of
industrial property assets our clients so far have expected of us activities as for example:

    • organization and ordering of patent
    • training of employees responsible for administration of patent documents,
    • inspection of verbal and graphic trade marks and logos,
    • assistance in implementation of new systems
      of management of intellectual property in a firm,
    • administration (by proxy) of industrial property matters in a client’s place of business
      during prolonged absence of an employee responsible for the matters (e.g. due to maternity leave).

We assist our clients in making decisions as to the choice of forms of legal protection of advanced technology media and instruments they use. We inform our clients about potential risks to their industrial property assets resulting from the development and implementation of new technologies and we advise how to eliminate or minimize the threats. We provide legal service of projects concerning inventiveness, improvement and innovation including preparation of contracts of shared Research and Development projects, research assistance contracts or research investment contracts. We develop proposals of provisions related to industrial property law, which should be observed in workplace situations. We develop statutes for innovative and streamlining projects

With regard to new technologies our clients have so far expected of us the following activities as for instance:

    • providing expertise in trade mark rights infringement cases on the Internet,
    • evaluation of degree of innovation in particular technological or esthetic projects,
    • preparation of standard provisions to be amended in employment contracts between our clients and IT department employees.