We assist our clients in all
legal proceeding aiming at protection of brand owner against
pirating and counterfeiting their goods, symbols, logos, and

We support our clients in actions towards enhancing
protection of their industrial property. We advise them how to
exploit their industrial property not to let it to degenerate.

addition, we strive for execution and constant improvement of
industrial property rights by participating in various campaigns to
popularize them and increase awareness of the industrial property
rights among authorities.

Within the framework of industrial property rights enforcement,
our clients have expected from us activities such as, for instance:

  • preparation, institution of legal proceedings and
    solicitation in on validation cases concerning third parties’
    rights to trade marks, inventions, designs, and other rights
    infringing the rights of our clients,
  • filing observations and oppositions against competitive
    applications and registrations being in clash with our clients’
  • protection of industrial property rights against objections
    from third parties,
  • court actions in industrial property rights infringement
  • development of statutes concerning lawful use of trade marks
    and logos by our clients in order to eliminate transformation of
    trade marks and logos into generic names.