We assist our clients in administration of their
industrial property assets.

At a client’s request
we evaluate condition and status of the assets. We
organize and put them in order, we determine the
principles of cost-effectiveness and help to
implement them.

We perform the Internet search of
instances of infringement on our clients’ rights and
keep a close watch to detect other potential threats
to clients’ industrial property rights.

We conduct
watching-monitoring and inspection of

With regard to management of
industrial property assets our clients so far have
expected of us activities as for example:

  • organization and ordering of patent
  • training of employees responsible for
    administration of patent documents,
  • inspection of verbal and graphic trade marks
    and logos,
  • assistance in implementation of new systems
    of management of intellectual property in a
  • administration (by proxy) of industrial
    property matters in a client’s place of business
    during prolonged absence of an employee
    responsible for the matters (e.g. due to
    maternity leave).